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The Only Interior Design Company In Bahrain with Designers Around The World to Work on Your Project.

We work uniquely. Not only do we have an inhouse design team that is top most in the Kingdom, we also have experts around the world specializing in different styles so you have the most perfect design possible.

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Interior Design Companies in Bahrain

Every interior designer is unique, with a certain style and specialization. While this is good, specialization can also mean limitation when it comes to how well the designer executes different projects. He/she may be excellent in one style but not as good in another style. We don’t want you to be limited by this. This is why we built not only a stellar inhouse team trained to cater to different styles, but also a network on designers from Bahrain, Gulf as well as around the world that collaborate with us for your project.

We want your spaces to reflect your personality by making it special and distinctive.
We offer personalization, home staging and coordination of the complete project.

We have an impressive portfolio, of high profile projects that you will certainly be impressed by. We are a vibrant and dynamic team bringing you the finest decoration and design concepts. The process of choosing the right professional is hard, this is why we are here to help. We also have a high amount of technical expertise in commercial projects. We are one of the top companies providing design services in the Middle East. See our About us page to learn more.

What to expect from our designers?

When it comes to facing a project, our designers follow a step by step process. 

Step 1

The first step is for us to get all the info we need to work with. We set up a meeting where we speak with you about the project, we ask a number of questions to understand what you really want. 

Even if you are not fully sure about what you we will help you figure it out. 

Step 2

This is when the initial concepts and designs are made, this will guide you and determine what your space will eventually look like. Then we go on to develop layouts and plans for your new space. We speak with fabricators, contractors, builders and tradesmen.

Step 3

Now on to the final step, here we finish final layouts and drawings as we prepare them for installation. This is when trim, plumbing and lighting are finalized.

Once tile layouts and case work are also done then we go over the furniture and finishes that give your project a unique look. We will continue with the project till its complete, which is we reach perfection and you’re completely satisfied.

Step 4

Based on your requirements we will prepare a 3D rendering of the project for your viewing and approval. After this will deal with suppliers and contractors to make the project a reality.

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Frequently asked questions

Prices will vary greatly depending on what you want so get in touch with us to get a better idea. Here is a rough idea of what you will find in Bahrain.

Price per sqm – 120 to 160 BHD
Studio apartment – 900 to 2000 BHD
3 bedroom apartment – 5500 t0 8500 BHD
Villa (5 to 7 bedroom) – 90, 000 to 200,000 BHD

Don’t over pay!

Don’t let your lack of clear knowledge have you fall into overpaying for services. It is a wise choice to do a thorough research before purchase.

Get free estimation on how much you should actually pay!

There are many factors to consider when choosing an interior designer for your project. Some of these factors include budget, style and aesthetics, size of the room, number of rooms being designed, as well as building codes and regulations in your area.

Choosing the best interior designer is crucial. Check to see if they have an in-house design team and access to resources such as 3D renderings, up-to-date building codes, and green standards.

Look for designers that has experience with your type of project and consider factors such as price, location, and the size of your home. Also make sure they come with a great reputation

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we are happy to take care of all the due diligence for you.

The most popular design style is modern. This clean, sleek style is perfect for those who want a stylish, yet simple look for their home. Modern furniture is often made from natural materials like wood or glass, and features clean lines and minimalistic designs. If you’re looking for a chic, yet timeless style for your home, then modern may be the perfect choice for you.

Yes, we have partnerships with several freelance professionals as well.

There are six main types of interior designers: residential, contract, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and corporate. Each type of designer has their own focus and area of expertise.

Check out our FAQ page for more answers!

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Our Services


Interaction with our clients is the cornerstone of what we do. We work hard to understand your needs and desires, then use those insights as a guide for designing spaces that exceed expectations in every way possible! From services such as concept-designing or 3D printing renderings and fit out services based off an exact budget set by you; all while keeping within style guidelines relating back thematically together.


Managing the execution of your project to perfection is our top priority. We have hundreds of suppliers locally and internationally who provide various items for spaces, so we ensure that every detail has been thought through with great care before completing it into something truly beautiful!


We will carefully choose and supply you an array of sophisticated furniture pieces in various styles for every room–from luxurious lounges with sleek sofas or classic armchairs all way through modern living spaces complete off our latest designs-to give your space its own individual tone while saving time spent seeking out suitable furnishings on your own


With our expertise in design, we study your structure to create striking exterior appearances for the villas you own. You can trust us with designing a perfect outer look that complements what’s inside! 


we provide complete landscaping services. We handle everything from site preparation to planting, maintenance, and removal. We install irrigation systems, offer grading, and construct retaining walls. We also offer pond services, including design, construction, and maintenance.

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One of the best Interior Design companies in Bahrain


We truly appreciate the beauty of design. Known as one of the top interior design companies in Bahrain, our inspiration comes from top global design influencers and a multi-cultural approach to our services. From us you can expect an aesthetic that is entirely customized to your style.


Residential Interior Design 

Apartment design 
Real estate design

Commercial Interior Design 

Commercial Interiors 
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Beauty Salon
Barber shop
Office Design
What our customers say about us

I hired the services of IDB to redesign my living room, and I am so happy with the results. I had a very specific vision for the room, and they were able to get it just right. They were always professional and courteous, and their work was top-quality. I couldn’t be happier with the final product!
I have had the pleasure of working with IDB for the past year. They have been professional, creative and very easy to work with. They are always on time and their work is of the highest quality. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, creative and professional, I am convinced they are the best design firm in town. I am lucky to work with them.
Durrat Al Bahrain
I hired them to do the interior of my home, and the result was fantastic. I am very happy with the design and workmanship. BC Interior is certainly one of the best interior design companies in Bahrain.
I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a professional and dependable team of designers.
I contacted the company to help me with interior designing my office. They promptly called me and discussed my needs. They then created a design that I was very pleased with. They came back to me with design and helped me make some decisions on what I wanted to do.
Paul Stewart
Amwaj Islands
What are some of the popular interior decor styles right now?


Art Deco


Mid-Century Modern

French Country



Shabby Chic





20 Years of Experience

We have 20 years of expertise in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have experience in commercial projects such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, factories, and hospitals as well as residential projects such as villas and apartments. Our designers often study ergonomics or the science of designing for efficiency and comfort.

With our service you will:

– Get the exact look you’ve always wanted, without any of the hassle.
– You’ll have a beautifully decorated living space that reflects your unique personality.
– You’ll be able to relax in a comfortable and stylish space.
– Imagine coming home to a place that makes you feel happy and inspired every day.
– We’ll find the perfect color schemes for your spaces.
– Elevate your space with a personalized, one-of-a-kind design.
– We follow the latest design trends that appear in popular industry magazines ↗.

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