Penthouse Design Bahrain

Our penthouses are a luxury place, we choose the finest materials,and designs. Interior design that is characterized by a modernist approach. Modernist design is marked by an absence of ornamentation, the use of abstract shapes and forms, and the use of industrial materials such as metal and steel. This type of design is often found in lofts, office buildings, and hotels.  

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 Some Major Things To Remember For Luxury Penthouse Design

There are a lot of things that you should remember when designing a penthouse suite. You want the penthouse to have plenty of space for all of your needs, but it also needs to be small enough to feel cozy and intimate. You need to make sure that you are getting the balance right between large and small. Another thing you need to remember is that in a penthouse design,


The flooring of a penthouse should be made of the best material possible, such as hardwood or laminate. The floor should be in the same style as the walls, and is often in the same color. Luxury penthouse flooring is often made of wood or marble, which may be more expensive.


The ceiling should be painted or stained in a light color. The paint or stain should not be too dark,

*Furniture- This is a really important aspect that you need to consider when designing a penthouse. Focus on durability, comfort, and style when choosing furniture. It is best to have a mixture of modern and classic furniture.

*Home Decor- Emphasize your personal style with a few art pieces and decor. Your penthouse should be a representation of you.