Residential Interior Design Bahrain

Need help with your residential project in Bahrain? We can provide all the assistance you need, from start to finish.

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Bespoke design for you

We are a life centric design studio creating beautiful, personalized homes that are both inspiring and functional. We believe in designing for your lifestyle not just what you can afford so our client’s personal needs come first every time!



We start by acquiring customer input, determining the estimated fit out budget for your project needs and wants. We then work with you to gather all site information so that we can create an interior design program tailored specifically towards what is important in this particular space; collaborating on communication protocols throughout our process helps ensure any questions or concerns are addressed right away before they become larger issues down road (and who doesn’t like coming prepared!).


This includes designing the space and optimizing it for maximum efficiency. The designer then creates a visual representation of their selected concept through perspective drawings, color palettes/mock ups (in both 2D or 3 D), hard finishes models showcasing furniture & lighting selections as well preliminary floor plans that can be changed depending on what is ultimately desired from this design phase!


The design process for our concept interior begins with an planning phase where we document all of the selections and materials needed to complete each area. This includes details about floor finishes, wall colors or ceiling treatments so that detailed drawings can be made during construction when fabricating furniture pieces from solid wood frames as well!

4. 3D rendering

3D rendering is a powerful tool that can give you a better understanding of how our designs will look in real life. It can also help to identify potential problems with a design before it is built. By using 3D rendering, designers can make changes to their plans and see how these changes will affect the final product.

Specialist Villa Interior Design Services

Our talent comes from celebrating every corner of the home. Ceilings, lights and fabrics are curated with care by our team to create an environment that best suits today’s active lifestyles using only premier products in each design category – all while making sure you’re getting value for your money!

We don’t design one signature style – we create what you want. And that’s how our team starts with a meeting to understand your lifestyle, taste and requirements in order for us come up ideas on how best represent those values through interior design services like residential or commercial spaces!. The 3D visualization plan gives an overview of recommendations based off certain tastes/ lifestyles while also providing suggestions tailored exclusively just For You!

Apartments & Studio Interior Design

We get that you might not know what your wants and needs are yet. That’s why our team will talk with you, helping create a vision of the place where YOU want to call home! Whether it be minimalist or mix vintage-contemporaries styles – we’ll give both past eras plus present day living their dues in order for this space reflect everything about yourself as an individual person who can finally feel at ease within themselves when they’re surrounded by beautiful design pieces from all over Bahrain & ME. It doesn’t matter whether starting off small (or big!), apartments here have been designed especially considering clients’ varied lifestyles.

Why choose us for Villa interior design 

We are experts in bringing together architecture with lifestyle; this is seen clearly when it comes to interior designating done by us! Our attention-to detail will leave you speechless as we intricately recreate original styles from yesteryear into today’s modern living spaces. Take a journey through the world of our designs and be amazed at every corner, which has been freshly made over.